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Buster is Doing Great!

Settling in well. Very good behavior. Playing with his toys. Going for walks. Getting used to us. He is a happy guy. Thanks again!

Weezer is Home

We adopted Bullet, (formerly Weezer), from Paws and Prayers one week ago. He and Xena are already best friends.

Maggie Says Hi!

I have been happily living with my furever family now for nearly 6 years! Wow, how time flies! Life is good! I get to sleep under the covers with my mom at night; she likes that because I keep her warm. I go on walks and get lots of treats. In January I got a new doggie sister from the SPCA. At first I was sad and wondered why my mom brought home another dog. Was I not enough?? Soon, I realized how fun it is to have a baby sister!! We play and chase each other all the time!! Sometimes the big goof is too rough, but I set her straight when I need to! I'm an 8 y.o. mature dog! Not some silly puppy! Anyway, here is a picture of us: I'm on the right (formerly Lovey) and the new dorky puppy is Jazz. Yes, I somehow hurt myself outside and had to wear a cone. The doctor stitched it up and now I'm as good as new!!

Skippy is Such an Awesome Dog.

Thank you for your help!. We love him and that he seems to be enjoying his new home. He did great when we went to the game. And, while we have been at work he is doing great. He has free rein of the house. Joe has cameras set up on him (using our ipad and an old ipod). He just sleeps and then looks out the patio door in our room. He is so calm. He has definitely taken to Joe more than me but that's okay. I get snuggles too.

An update on Lenny from Annie's litter

Wanted to send you a couple of pics of Bowie (Lenny). The girl with the pink hair is my daughter - she met Bowie and fell in love with him too lol. Bowie is doing really well and playing strong. He's a great little guy and we adore him. Thank you for helping this sweet little guy find his way to us :)


Our new baby from Paws and Prayers... Flanked by Rocco and GeeGee, he is in ALWAYS the center of attention!!! Thanks to all of you!!

Maxie is Loved by the Whole Family

My mother, brother, and nephew brought Maxie home to NY just after Thanksgiving. She loves being part of the family. She is everyone's buddy, but has developed a special relationship with her boy. Her Uncle Chopper wasn't sure about having a puppy at first, but now he let's her play until he gets tired. Maxie is doing so well mannered that she was able to go on vacation to North Carolina with the family recently!

Abby is a Great Addition to Our Family

Abby is doing really, really great. John and I are so fortunate to have her. I'm not sure why we were concerned about her hips or her age...she has a TON of energy and keeps us on our toes. We walk her and Mack every morning before work. Then shortly after we get home from work, Abby will start bringing her toys to us to play. It seems as though she spends most of her day on our bed, where she can look out the window and keep an eye on the neighborhood. If she's not there, she watches from our stairs. She tries to play with Mack but unfortunately, I don't think he ever learned how to play with other dogs and is always confused by what she's doing. Still, they get along well together.

Marabella is Super Social

We just wanted to thank Paws & Prayers for the work they do. One year ago this weekend, May 2nd, to be exact, we adopted Marabella Sunshine". This is the face we fell in love with from your website via She has brought nothing but joy and happiness into our lives, and the lives of 13 1/2 year old lab/terrier mix Leeanna, and her sister cat, Pit Stop. She has actually helped Leeanna lose 12 pounds! Marabella is super social to people and other dogs, she enjoys trips to the dog park and attends daycare at the Playful Pooch Daycare in Mars once a week. She is truly a blessing. Thank you to all the volunteers and fosters for the incredible selfless work you do to save the lives of dogs and cats.

Max is Loving Life

Happy Spring! Things are well here and Max continues to love life. He sure is a bundle of energy still and brings a lot of love to our home. Thought I would send you a recent photo of him. Thanks again for all your help in placing Max in our home. Here he is at Medina Creative Doggie Daycare - which he absolutely LOVES. He plays so well with all the other doggies. We usually take him there about once a week for a fun play day. This was at Halloween when they had a party there.

Paris Has Made Herself at Home

Paris doesn't like our hardwood floors much, so she tends to keep to the rugs. We have to coax her to come into the kitchen from the living room where we put her crate. She gets right into the crate for me. She loves the couch and has taken over the blankets and pillows already! Paris seems like she is starting to know her name even. We already love her, she really is the best dog anyone could ask for! Attached is a picture of her on a big fluffy pillow on our couch - she put herself there!

Penny (aka Sparkle) Enjoying the Sunshine

It's not enough to just be in the sunshine. All her toys have to be in the sunshine too.

Happy Henry = Happy Family

We were waiting for a nice day to get a current picture of Henry enjoying the sunshine. We are so happy to have him in our family!

I Can't Imagine Not Having Abigail With Me!

She is doing absolutely great! Abigail is fine with my son and two other adults she has met! She has been going potty outside. Likes it when the little one goes with her. Took her to the store for a new collar. Her favorite place is my bed. Actually the only "problem" I had was she wouldn't stay down off the bed long enough for me to make it! Of course the more I laughed the more she seemed to do it. She is so-o-o sweet! I registered her micro chip and will be getting her license tomorrow. Abigail is an absolute joy, loves to cuddle on the couch and I already can't imagine not having her with me. Thank you so much for letting me have her.

We Love Marty and Want to Give Him Training

We adopted Marty (formerly known as Romeo) abut a week ago. He is a little sweetheart, but is very stubborn!!! I thought I heard someone say that you do dog training at your rescue? I don't remember for sure, but wanted to ask. We would like some guidance on training Marty, and I would like him to experience being around other dogs.

Parker the Graduate

We thought your might enjoy a few photos of Trent (who we have renamed Parker). He's an absolute joy in our lives. We just finished 7 weeks of Foundation Skills training at Cleveland All Breed Training Club and he had a blast!

Wynona has brought so many smiles and so much laughter into my life

Just wanted to send you some pictures and an update on Wy's adjustment took a little longer than I had originally expected, but that's mostly due to my unrealistic expectations (all with good intentions and wanting her to be settled and happy)! She seemed to adjust incredibly to myself and my son. She absolutely adores Bradley (my kiddo) and has been nothing but absolutely wonderful with him. She is not pushy with him, but is actually very gentle and loving and curls up next to him frequently. I have loved her dearly from the time I got to know her- and that love just continues to grow all the time. She makes me laugh every. single. day. No exaggeration! She is the goofiest, sweetest, most ornery, yet very intelligent and loyal girl. She loves to snuggle and gets tons of love everyday. At first, she whined a little bit in the crate (I expected that) but within a couple of days, she did great and still does do great in the crate. She's crated when I leave the house, and anytime I come home, she likes to talk to me. :) She had some small issues with Harley at first. I know we spoke about the toy possession and I took your advice and picked all the toys up in the house for a couple of weeks and then slowly introduced them back again with supervision- have not had any issues at all since! She did pick on Harley a little bit, but he stood up for himself and put her in her place and since then, Harley and Wy have been best friends. They absolutely adore each other and are always playing and wrestling around, playing tug-of-war with each other, or snuggled up together. As far as training, now, almost three months later, the trainer still comes out every couple of weeks to help with other things- and Wyonna and I have dog training sessions with him where she is learning how to use her nose and picking up on scent trails! She absolutely loves it. We have also been doing 30-45 minutes of basic obedience training (sit, stay, down, look at me, come) at home every single day and she actually is so eager to learn and please- she loves it! Wy still comes to work with me 3-5 days per week.I have to say that she has been an amazing dog. I love this girl more than I could ever say. I could never thank you enough for the opportunity to love her everyday. She has brought so many smiles and so much laughter into my life. When she comes over and snuggles up next to me and lays her head on me, I know that she might love me almost half as much as I love her. I was not seeking out another dog, but I connected with her on such deep level and I am grateful everyday for that connection because it gets stronger all the time. In short- Wyonna is doing amazing. She is a blessing and I could not ever explain how much love I have for her, or how lucky I feel to have her. Thank you for everything that you do to ensure that your fosters get opportunities to find this kind of love, and for people who get opportunities to adopt great fur-babies.

Baby Huggy Bear

Thought you would like to see Huggy (now renamed Cosmo our little grandson, although Huggy Bear really does suit him with his personality! We do like Cosmo too, which means harmonious. He's so easy going, but when he plays, he plays!! So much fun to watch. Best regards to all of you.

Sawyer & Phoebe

Dear Paws& Prayers, Thank you for helping me find my forever family. So far I've had a blast playing with my new puppy sister, Phoebe. It is fun chasing her around the house & snuggling her on the couch. She even lets me play with all the toys that used to be just hers. Everyday, my human mom likes to take us for a long walk around Hinckley Lake and I've made lots of dog friends there already! Each night I get to sleep in a warm, comfy bed with my human sister. She loves it when I snuggle with her. Well, thanks again for helping me! I'm being a good boy & I'm trying to make you proud!

Love Our Puppy

Went to the vet the other day, got our boosters and another round of heart-worm. He is currently 13.5 pounds and vet said he may grow to be a 70 pond dog! He's really good at whining when he has to go outside to poop now. He's learned how to shake his paw and not go after the other dogs food. He does have separation anxiety when we leave him alone, but hopefully he can get used to being alone in the future
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