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Lucas and His Hound Dog Copper

We got Lucas from you a few years ago and as you can see he is doing great and loves Copper he treats him like a brother always cleaning him and loves to cuddle with him. Thanks again for such a precious dog we love him very much and he is such a well behaved dog. He won't even go for a walk without Copper and if Copper goes for a ride in the truck with my husband he will cry till he gets back because Lucas does not like to ride in he truck he seems to get sick so we don't pressure him to go.

Fletcher (fka Gus) The Underpants Thief!

Hi there!! I hope you are having a great weekend. Just wanted to update you on how wonderful Fletcher is doing. We just love him to death. He keeps getting better! We had a trainer over a few weeks ago to teach us how to teach him, and he is learning so fast. We’re also discovering all of his little oddities – like how much he LOVES to use his front paws. They are seriously like hands to him! It’s funny, because when the trainer was here, she said she thought he might have some boxer in him, since he is so “handsy.” Our vet said she thought he was more of a lab/collie mix. Who knows?! I’ve attached a couple pictures. As you can see in the one, he really enjoys stealing underpants. We don’t know why exactly, and he never destroys them!? It’s silly, but we have fun with it. Hope you are doing great! Lauren & Fletcher

Charlie Finally Found his Furever Home!

I adopted Charlie from Paws and Prayers Rescue in Akron last July, 2013. He was 8-1/2yrs old. He had lived his whole life in Wisconsin being passed from one owner to another and was finally abandoned by his last family who moved out and left him tied behind in a vacant house. We do know that he spent his last year in Northern Wisconsin outside! Four Wisconsin rescues were contacted and all refused to take him because of his age! The Wisconsin niece of Marty Harbin, Paws and Prayers Rescue, heard about Charlie, met him and contacted her aunt and asked that if she got Charlie a ride to Ohio - would she please take him into her rescue - which she did! I found Charlie on PetFinder's and it was love at first sight. Through The Learning Dog, Charlie has taken Intermediate Obedience, Advanced Obedience and on 03/25/14 passed his Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test at 9yrs of age! This has been a wonderful learning & bonding experience for both of us. SENIOR DOGS LOVE THE MENTAL STIMULATION AND CHALLENGE OF LEARNING NEW THINGS!!

Chassis and Chevy

Chevy is doing great. He is growing so fast. He is a whopping 26 lbs already. He has had all his shots now . We started puppy school last week and he did really well!!!! I am a proud mommy for sure. He knows sit, heel, wait, stay, off, in your crate and leave it. He is doing amazing. I work him about 30 minutes a day. He has been doing pretty well potty training so I allow him to roam downstairs when I'm home. He has the occasional accident but that's ok. He is doing great for a 16 week puppy. He still loves to go get my daughter from school. We have been walking to get her when the weather is nice. He especially loves that b/c all the kids want to pet him. He has already learned he must sit to get petted. Not sure if the kids or Chevy enjoy this more. Sometimes Chevy wags his tail so hard his butt turns in a circle! We love our puppy and cannot wait for nice weather to come. We have creek walks, hikes, park adventures and maybe even beach time planned. spring and summer will be full of adventures. Thanks again for allowing us to make Chevy a part of our family. Carol Ps Chassis is 11 years old and doing great also. She is a healthy 77 lbs and the vet can't believe she is 11. Chassis and Chevy play a lot now. There are times Chassis wants to chill and she let's Chevy know. They have a pretty good relationship going already. We love chassis so much as well.

Maelduin the Mellow

Last May, I adopted Maelduin (formerly Mr. Fuzz) as a kitten. He is a pretty mellow guy, but he is playful and gets along well with my other cats. His favorite 'game' is to 'paw' the covers, so you lift them up, then he crawls in and curls himself around then looks out at you. He just has the best personality, and I've had him up to PetSmart about 5 or 6 times. He is a great addition to the family!

Remy Goes to Church!

Man, are we having fun! Remy (fka Kobe) loves his new home! He is doing really well with the housebreaking, too. He isn't crying at night at all. And this boy loves to play! Jamie, we are so thankful for Remy! He's been great for us and we have told him this is "till death do us part"! Whether he likes it or not ;) He even had his first visit to church last Sunday. He was the hit of the day! We truly have a "family" dog. Everyone who's met him adores him!

Sunny's out of the Storm

Sunny (formerly Stormy) is doing great. She just passed out after wrestling with her 'friend'. She's a smart girl and very loving. She has a stubborn and sneaky streak but that's the female dachshund personality in her. We expect her to test the rules for awhile. We worked on creating positive crate experiences all week so now she chooses to go into the crate when she is tired or to hide a favorite toy. When she first arrived she let us know that being left in a crate alone or during daylight was unacceptable. She's now quiet for at least 2 hours when we put her in so we can prepare meals and eat. She has a puppy play date for small breeds tomorrow at Animal Friends. Now that she is comfortable with us we are working on positive social behaviors.

Little Miss May

I just wanted to email you and give you and update about May. She is loving life! She has learned many new tricks/commands her favorite it high fives! She gets to go to the dog park almost every day and loves to have everyone chase her. She is such a lover! We cannot express how thankful we are that you all saved May and that she has found her forever home with us. She is a joy to have! Enjoy the pictures attached! Thank you!! Ashley and Chris

Charlie Passed the Test!

Hello, my name is Meghan C. and at the beginning of December my boyfriend and I adopted "Chevy". Who now goes by Charlie or Bubbers. I wanted to fill you all in on the absolute joy he has brought to our lives. Pretty sure we don't know what we'd do without him. After talk after talk, we randomly visited your site, instantly when we saw his picture we made the decision, we had to have him. 2 days later he was ours! He is the sweetest, most loving, playful, energetic, cuddly, napper, and spoiled dog. We right away took him through Papps training classes and he passed, even though he thought it was play time each and every class! Everyone just thought he was the cutest thing. We have stopped before at an adoption day of yours and he was able to see his former foster mom, he remembered her. I literally almost cried. He's attached to our hips as much we are attached to his. We cannot wait for weather to finally break so we can go explore. He loves our long walks, dog parks, and playing with his cousin Dublin, an, Am. Bulldog, Pit, Lab mix, they are obsessed with each other. As we approach his 1st birthday ( April 4th) we wanted to thank you for being so great and helping us find Charlie, our Bubbers, who makes us complete. :) Thank you so much for all you do. Love, Meghan, Dan and Charlie

Sugar's So Sweet

I just want to let you know that she is adjusting well. She is feeling very comfortable and secure. The only time I have seen fear was when I put the leash on her. I did not tug or pull. I stood still and let her walk around. When the leash became tight is when she panicked. Again, I immediately let go and reassured her. I put the leash on to gauge her reaction and what training I would use. She trots around the house like she has been here all her life. I think having the other dogs around being very comfortable are reassuring her all is safe. I am training in baby steps. I only work with her after we have had a big romp outside. I also remove the other dogs from the room while training. I train in small increments no more than 5 - 10 minutes so that she will not lose interest or be overwhelmed. At times I will put a short leash on her and just let her walk around the house to adjust to the "feeling". She love the play sessions outside. She gets running around in circles so fast you think she is going to wipe out when she turns. Her favorite game outside is playing chase with Hope (min. Schnauzer). They are all sleeping together on the couch as I am typing this. She really has adjusted well. If I can figure out how to work my camera I will send you a video of our training and her playing outside. I tried to send a link to my FB page of pictures that I have taken of her. I am not very computer savvy so not sure if it worked. Thanks, Keely

Rocco's Growing Up!

Rocco ... Formerly known as Pablo is doing great in his new home. Look at that face, how could I not adopt him! He was adopted at 10 weeks and is now a little over 14 weeks. He loves everyone he meets and assumes that everyone he sees wants to play with him! He loves to play fetch and run back and forth along the fence with my parents neighbors dogs. Rocco is doing very well with housebreaking and has been accident free for about a week. He is starting to learn to go to the door when he has to go out. We have mastered sitting and giving paw and are working on lying down and dropping the ball. He has recently developed a craving for grass which we are working on. He pretty much likes to eat everything and the only thing he had voluntarily spit back out was a stink bug! He weighed around 11 lbs and is now up to 19 lbs. He was the best decision I have ever made :). Thank you so much!

Callie's bonded family

Callie is such a joy in our family. We adopted her about 2 weeks ago. We had been looking to adopt another dog. One day I went on the Paws and Prayers website and saw a dog named Callie. She was young, had all her shots, was spayed , housetrained and good with other dogs. Something just told me she was the one. I showed the picture to my kids and it was agreed if she was available we would try to adopt her. I have a daughter with special needs so it had to be a good dog. When Marty called and told us she was available my heart leaped for joy. We filled out the adoption form and found out that we able to pick her up. When we first met her she was sooooo friendly and cute. We all loved her. She was awesome in the car which was a plus too. She didn't eat a lot the first day which I know is normal for rescue dogs. By the next day she was eating. Everyday she became more and more part of our family. She has done so good with our other dog Zoey they sleep by each other quite often. She has bonded with my kids and also my grandchildren. She is learning tricks too. She can sit, lay down and we are working on shake. She loves her crate and will go in there with the door open quite often. She sleeps with my son or my daughter at night. She has such a wonderful temperament and is a very happy go lucky kind of dog. She is totally part of the family now and has bonded so well with all of us. It has been so awesome seeing how everyday she is getting closer to all of us. We believe a pet is part of the family so she is included in most everything we do. I love how Marty has been there anytime if I have had a question. Paws and Prayers has been an answer to a prayer for us. I know God lead us to this awesome organization. They are so dedicated with these dogs and cats. I can't say enough about how great this experience has been. Callie is such a awesome dog. She is so good with my daughter Kaitlynn and my 2 year old grandson. My 7 year old granddaughter told me I better keep Callie after meeting her the first day! Thank you for all your hard work!! We definitely got a perfect fit for our family. Colleen, George, Kaitlynn, Chris and Kayla

Millie's new family

My name is Millie and three weeks ago today I came to my forever home. My big sister Heather took right to me as I did to her and we have been best buddies since. Then I met my human sister's Alexis and Morgan and they think I'm pretty cool. They are teaching me new tricks. They love how I know high five and slinking off the couch. Mom and dad already had me in my life jacket to see how I would do with it on because they have a pontoon. I hope I'm a water dog because I look cute in my life jacket. Mom and dad said that I was meant to be with them because sis and I are so well matched. I get big sis going and we do silly things. I hear mom and dad talk and they say that I'm a good companion for Heather, a good playmate for the girls, that I have super sonic hearing and they know before visitors get out of the car that they are here but my favorite thing I loved to hear is how I complete the family.... We are luck to have Millie and are so thankful to all the people at paws and prayers who worked hard to save Millie and give her the care she needed so that she was able to find her way to us. Millie has been a blessing to all of us and we love her with all of are hearts. She has found her forever home with us.


I just wanted to touch base as my wife and I celebrate the 2 year anniversary of adopting Jax. He has been a blessing and loyal companion! Although, when we head out for the day, we have to go around, as we like to call it, "Jax proofing" the house! His curiosity gets the best of him as he explores the house!! lol Thank you Paws & Prayers for your kind hearts and willingness to serve those in need to make a difference, not only in the animals life, but ours as well!!

Buck's perfect!

It's been awhile and I wanted to give you a lil update on Buck. He's doing GREAT!! He is such a wonderful addition to our family and can't even think about how it was before him! He's put on some weight :) and has been getting plenty of exercise. He runs with me and is perfect! :)

A Tale of Two Kitties: The Carson and Lily edition

Carson and Lily, are litter mates who were the only two of the litter to survive. They found their new home and are warming right up to their new 5 year old little girl and family! Lily only trust a few people and she lets the girl carry her around like a doll baby. Hard to believe, when they came to us terrified of every sight and sound! Cute!

Bella's Has a Big Brother now!

Bella is doing very well. She's not where we'd like her as far as training goes so we're planning on taking her to some obedience courses. She has some separation anxiety and tore up the molding in our bathroom a little bit, but we knew what the risks were. We're going to try to crate train her over the course of the next few weeks to see how she does. I think if we keep her in the living room in a crate while Fry is free, she'll be OK. She seems a little bit nervous around men, but she'll curl up on my lap when we're sitting on the couch and melts. Bella is Brittny's little shadow and follows her around everywhere! Fry isn't jealous at all. I think he likes the idea of being a big brother. They played non-stop for a good 30 minutes when we first got them home. Fry was so warn out that he fell asleep and wouldn't budge for an hour (he never plays)! See the couple photos I attached. She seems so happy! Thanks, Ben & Brittny

Kaden the LifeSaver!

Just over one year ago, I met the most amazing dog. You knew him then as Moxley. I needed an emotional support dog and I fell in love with him the moment I saw him. Not many remember him because he was in and out so quickly, lucky for me! Since then, although sometimes I think I am more his emotional support person rather than my emotional support dog, he has been wonderful. He wakes me up to make sure I take my medicine, he follows me everywhere, he is very quiet so the neighbors won't complain but he does bark if someone knocks on the door. He has been my lifesaver and I want to thank Paws and Prayers for allowing me to make a home for this cute little guy! Thanks again, Laura K.

Maggie the Cuddle Bug!

Hello paws & prayers! We adopted Maggie (formally Lovey) almost 4 years ago already! She is so sweet and such a cuddle bug. She sleeps underneath the covers of either one of my daughters or myself down by our feet :-) She Loves to go for car rides BUT only if it is 55 degrees or higher. Otherwise, she just cries and shakes from the cold!! A girl after my own heart!! Her favorite foods, besides her Blue Buffalo are peanut butter and popcorn. She is very food oriented and will do anything for a treat! Some tricks include: sit, sit pretty, down, shake, stay, high five, take a bow, be sneaky, roll over, play dead, go to your room, etc. I might add that if there is no treat in your hand, these tricks will probably not be done!! She is so funny and stubborn and we just love her!! Thank you for everything you do!

Moxie's New Digs

Hello Paws and Prayers…my name is Sarah and my husband and I adopted Moxie our cat from you almost three years ago. We had lost our two year old cat Tula to a heart attack which was unexpected and hard on us. So one evening walking around at Pet smart we came upon Moxie. I do not recall the name you had given her, but she stuck out to me. I wanted a senior cat and she was listed as one, but her personality said different. She was pawing at us through the cage and was underweight. Her story was she came from a hoarding house with around 50 other cats in Akron. She had terrible teeth and her fur was not shiny from malnutrition. We have another cat Melina who we adopted from the Humane Society years ago and it was hard on her losing her sister Tula…they were so close and she became depressed. We thought Melina and Moxie would make a great match. Well we were wrong in that aspect, it’s been three years and they still hate each other, but respect each other’s space. After adopting Moxie and realizing she will always have a chronic sneeze, bad breath and a damaged eye from the situation she came from, she has gained weight and has a beautiful coat of fur. She has a crazy temperament and likes to play bite on occasion, but she is special and a part of our family of five. (my husband and I, Melina and Moxie (our cats) and Nanook (our hamster)). Thank you for all that you do and for rescuing animals out of sad situations so they can come and be with their loving and forever home. I attached a recent picture of Moxie and my husband on our bed. J
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