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In Loving Memory of Tedrick Gallagher...

I spotted Teddy in a Pet Store in Richmond VA on 4/22/94, and so began his new life as "King of the House". From day one Teddy was a handful. At 6 weeks old Teddy was bold, proud, confident, fearless and highly curious and playful. Teddy had to be watched carefully cause he was always trying to find a way to escape into the BIG world! Teddy would chew off his harness and run like the wind. In 2001 Teddy moved to Ohio to be with me after staying behind in VA a year with another family member. Teddy's new Daddy build him a fence around our big back yard so "Monster Dog" as Teddy came to be called, could run around and play....he dearly loved his new home. Teddy was loved so much and did not want for anything...except to escape from behind his fence and explore the world LOL. As Teddy got older he slowed down and became more of a couch dog. Even during his senior years Teddy enjoyed his BIG yard and walking the fence line and chasing varmints if he spotted one. In 2008 Teddy went blind from cataracts and could only see shadows and like to stay in the bedroom most of the time to avoid the steps. Sometimes we would carry Teddy outside but he seemed scared unless he was in his bedroom. I would spend most evenings after work with Teddy in our bedroom...and he loved that. In the summer of 2009 Teddy began to lose his will to live, he seemed scared all the time and didn't want to eat and sleep much. He would walk the floor at night and cry and during the day he started just barking while walking the floor. Teddy lost down from 18 pounds to 12 pounds within a few months. Teddy was 15 years old now and going down hill fast. In October of 2009....our Vet suggest Teddy may have a brain tumor or had lost his hearing and at his age he would not suggest putting him thru test or treatments. Medications to calm him had failed the months leading up to this day.....and with broken hearts we decided on October 22, 2009 to let our baby go and not let him suffer anymore. That night as my husband and I lay in our bedroom and held each other we knew Teddy was at peace, but our hearts were so heavy and broken. Teddy's ashes sit on the chest in our bedroom where he will always be with his Mommy and Daddy. Teddy left footprints on our hearts.......


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