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In Loving Memory of Gizmo...

Gizmo was found by a PARTA driver in the middle of the road. I was dropping off my husband at work (he's a driver for PARTA) when I heard about the little guy. I took him home in hopes that I could find him a loving home or take him to a non-euthanasia shelter. The shelter was full and no one at work could take him, so we brought him home. We took him to the vet who said he was suprisingly healthy for sucha small and undernourished kitten. He was approx. 5 weeks old.

He weaseled his way into our hearts in the week and a half we had him. He had very big paws for such a little guy, big sad eyes that looked at you asking, "Will you love me?" He made funny and adorable little noises, and loved to cuddle up on top of you.

He died suddently in the morning. He was fine hours before. Not sure what happened, but he was loved whole heartedly in a very short time and will be missed. We love you, Gizmo.


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