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In Loving Memory of Hennessy...

H-E- double N-E-SSY spells Hennessy
Let me tell you about Hennessy. A couple bought him from a barn where they took puppies to sell in 2001. When he got sick they took him back and the people at the barn told them they would have to take another puppy and they would put him down. Well they brought him to me as they could not afford to take him to a vet and he got well and he was going to be adopted, but Henny had this nervous nature and barked when he was scared and he went out twice and it just did not work. It was called separation anxiety. He was never nervous around me and never felt it at my house.
When he came back the second time, he sat far away from me in the car. He was upset I took him there. I gave him a big hug and told him he did not have to go out ever again and I kept him. He has been my protector, my love, my heart ever since. He is a beagle lab (more lab in build and more beagle in looks), and the sweetest boy around. I always said I would take labs or beagles because he taught me how wonderful those breeds are. He always helps me with the foster dogs and seems to know my feelings as his feelings are important to him. I will always keep Henny in my heart.
He loved going on walks and he loved chasing squirrels as they ran the top of my wooden fence in the back yard. He was the greeter at the dog park. He never knew a dog he did not like. Last year I took him on the Paws and Prayers run (we walked) at the Akron Dog Park and we did well until we got captured by a monsoon rain. The picture attached is from that dog walk. He never knew a treat he did not like and loved to cuddle and there was a special place on his rear end that he would let me scratch all day if I was up to it.
In the end, he got Cushings Disease (he might have had it for a while) but still stayed sweet and loving. He was one of the best dogs ever. Henny, have fun playing with Skye, Freedom and Bronte up there on the Rainbow Bridge and I will always love you.
Each of my dogs has a theme song. This is Hennessy’s (named after an old friend of mine):
Hennessy (sung to Harrigan theme song):
Who is the dog who will spend or will even lend?
Hennessy, That's Me!
Who is your friend when you find that you need a friend?
Hennessy, That's Me!
For I'm just as proud of my name you see,
As an Emperor, Czar or a King, could be.
Who is the dog helps a man every time he can?
Hennessy, That's Me!
H - E - double N -E - S -S - Y spells Hennessy
Proud of all the Hound blood that's in me; Not a dog can say a word agin me.
H - E - double N - E - S - S - Y, you see,
Is a name that a shame never has been connected with, Hennesey, That's me!
Who is the dog never stood for a gad about?
Hennessy, That's Me!
Who is the dog that the town's simply mad about?
Hennessy, That's Me!
The ladies and babies are fond of me,
I'm fond of them, too, in return, you see.
Who is the gent that's deserving a monument?
Hennessy, That's Me!
H - E - double N - E - S - S - Y spells Hennessy
Proud of all the Hound blood that's in me; Not a dog can say a word agin me.
H - E - double N - E - S - S - Y, you see,
Is a name that a shame never has been connected with, Hennessy, That's me!

July 4, 2001 to April 15, 2013


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