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In Loving Memory of Kitty...

In Memory of "Kitty"
02-24-2013 to 06-26-2013

Can you imagine holding a puppy in your hand that is three weeks old and weighs only 9 ounces. That is exactly what she weighed the day I brought her home. Her momma wouldn't feed her and she was failing fast, so tiny and thin. My plan was to save her by bottle feeding her. This baby shook and trembled constantly, whether she was cold or it was fear, I couldn't tell. She was so small I was comparing her size to the two week old kittens I was fostering. As I bent down with her to hold her next to a kitten all of the sudden my momma cat started to nudge her so I set the baby down, much to my surprise she pushed this tiny pup right underneath her and the puppy started to nurse. Within a few minutes she was full and curled up sleeping with the four kittens and no longer shaking. I never did have to bottle feed her, in fact my momma cat treated her just like she was her own. Before I knew it this spunky little pup was all over the place. If she wasn't playing with the kittens, she was playing with my puppies. Size didn't matter to her she would tease anyone to play.

It's what she did when she wasn't playing that caused her to steal my heart. She loved to snuggle, if I sat down there she was, if I layed down there she was, if I went downstairs to get laundry there she was. I would get clothes out of the dryer she would climb in the basket and stay there until everything was folded. She loved car rides, I had a little pillow that fit inside my center console and that was her spot, she would get into the car and immediately settle into her spot. She traveled quite a bit, mostly because she didn't like me going out of the house without her. Her favorite part of car ride was usually going through the Munroe Falls McDonalds drive-thru, where they new her by name, and getting free baby cones.

Speaking of her name, we had thought of all kinds of names for her but she was so special her name had to be special. While at a Paws and Prayers event it was suggested I name her Kitty. How perfect she had such a unique beginning to life and naming her Kitty would always pay tribute to her momma cat for saving her life and taking her in even though she was different.

Being brought up by a cat did turnout to have a few disadvantages. She watched her sibling kitten jump everywhere and always land on there feet. Unfortunately when "Kitty" tried to jump out of someone's hands which would normally not be a problem for the kittens, did turn out to be problem for her. Her landing resulted in her leg being fractured in 3 places. How pitiful to see this little puppy with a cast on, but believe me it never slowed her down.

Now she has crossed the Rainbow Bridge to a place where she can play with kittens and puppies forever, a place where there will be no more broken legs, a place where there are no fenced in yards and baby ice cream cones every day. I miss my Kitty, I look for her everywhere I go, in my bad, on the couch, in my car and in the laundry baskets...she's not there. I realized today I can stop looking for her, she has never left me and never will....Kitty will be in my heart forever. Rest in peace my baby girl.


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Hind on Sunday, November 22, 2015    

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Nkosikhona on Sunday, November 22, 2015    

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