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In Loving Memory of Nina...

Nina was adopted from your organization 10 years ago. She was in a foster home and we found her by looking on The fostering "mother" called her Nina Peppina! We adored her from the time we met the woman in New Castle, PA to pick her up! Nina had a very good life and loved our move from PA to the Outer Banks of NC 2 1/2 years ago. She loved the beach! Sadly, Nina became very sick the week before Christmas and wasn't responding to treatment and we had to make the most heartbreaking decision to humanely euthanize her. We lost Nina on December 27, 2013. She is missed by all of us and especially her dog sister, Ginger. Thank you for bringing her into our lives!


She looks like she was a wonderful friend-I'm so sorry for your loss. It's one of the hardest things we have to do in this life.

Debbie M on Tuesday, December 30, 2014    

Regardless of what anyone thknis has happened at the shelter in the past, anyone can make a difference in the future. Even the biggest animal lover can become overwhelmed with a constant supply of animals needing homes. 1) be a responsible pet owner, spay/neuter your pets. A responsible breeder will take an animal back if a a buyer finds the pet has health issues or isn't a good fit. If you aren't willing to do that then please don't breed. Also, please, don't breed if you aren't in it to better the breed. Animals are bred inappropriately and the results can be blindness, diabetes, genetic defects etc that could have been prevented with knowledgable breeding. 2) Since the shelter budget is being cut, volunteer. Either at the shelter or offer to foster the pets while they are looking for homes. They don't have enough room for every pet on an endles basis. And they always need people to walk the dogs, clean the pens and do paperwork. Can you help photograph the animals to be posted on sites like petfinder? 3) Donate to the shelter. Your old blankets, towels, dog beds, crates. Call them and see what they need. Sometimes just bleach and rags helps. Take old clothes and make some rag quilts for the dogs to sleep on. Maybe you'd like to create a website for them so the animals can be included in breed searches. Or help pay the costs for the website.4) Adopt an animal from the shelter instead of buying one from a pet store. They often get them from backyard breeders or puppy mills and they can have serious health issues. And always keep in mind some dogs have a lifespan of 8 years while some live into their late teens. Look at their expected costs of feeding, grooming and care.

Fred on Saturday, November 14, 2015    

that, she’s supposed to be ctnuitg back on her sweet tooth habits. By the amount of places I go and the things that she puts in me I can read her like my detailed stitching.Niki is an early bird and a night hawk. After waking up at 5am our day isn’t over until 11pm and that’s on a good day. Niki has been working with children and their families for over nine years. She currently holds an AAS in Early Childhood Education and she will be finishing up her BA in Child Development and Family Studies this fall. I’ll tell you one thing, Niki is no quitter and just when you think she is done with her goal setting and is going to take a break and maybe clean me out, she always surprises me with a new goal that requires even more work. Now she is working on a certificate for medical/ dental reception, but she is thinking of switching to medical coding. She can be indecisive at times to say the least.This coffee and candy junkie is motivated and driven by her aspirations. She has a lot on her plate with 2 demanding children; an over worked husband, and a hyper Alaskan Husky/ German Shepard. There are many days where I feel heavy, overstuffed and my straps are looking a little rugged, but I’ll always be there to help lighten the weight that she carries upon her shoulders.

Dina on Thursday, November 19, 2015    

Hello, my name is Darby. I'm a 7 year old weimaraner. I'm using this new cpemutor for the first time today as my mom, Monica got a virus on the old pc. There has been a lot of fussing going on as she usually uses a pc and this is a mac. I hope she figures it out soon or this could be a very long semester. This is Monica's third semester. She took time off during the summer to go visit family in the lower 48 and enjoy the Alaska summer. We hiked almost every weekend. I got good at chasing foxes, but would turn around as soon as they barked at me. Due to government cut backs, Monica lost her job this week. She is now determined more than ever to finish the medical/dental receptionist program then continue to medical coding and billing. Her final goal is to become a geriatric nurse. Monica has an eight year old daughter that snuggles up to read to me every night. Dad is in the Air Force so we move a lot! Mom was so excited to find the online program at UAF so she can finish a degree no matter where we live. Well, it's past my bed time and I'm sure someone's feet needs me to lay on them. Good luck this semester and enjoy all the exciting stuff you get learn!! [url=]musivkfo[/url] [link=]ixvysfgmljr[/link]

Escuela on Friday, November 20, 2015    

Hello, I am a 2010 Ford Explorer. The family that owns me are prttey busy with the four children they have, ages 9, 7, 5, and 1. The Mom (Jennifer) is a full time student with what seems to be a prttey heavy work load this fall as she seems to rush everywhere she takes me. The Dad (Mark) doesn't drive me as much since he is in the Army and I have more room for the kids and Jennifer usually has all four in tow when she heads out to go places. Jennifer does baby me since she keeps me as clean as possible being in Alaska I guess that is a tough job since I get taken to the car wash about every week in the summer months and in the winter about every two weeks as she tends to not drive me as much in the winter here. I do not blame her I do not like the cold months here either. I would rather sit in my toasty garage and have my tires nice and warm from the heated floor than be going out and about in the harsh winter weather. My owners love to travel in me as they have driven me all over the United States and Canada. When we move back to warmer weather I will be very happy as I know she will take me places more often and have better weather to travel around in to see new places.

Shambuling on Sunday, November 22, 2015    

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