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We are always looking for people that can take a dog or cat into their home while we help them to find their next home.  Paws and Prayers will pay for all the medical care and we will even supply the food, crate, toys, leash, etc.  All we ask is that you bring the dog to show at 2 of our events a month.  Many of these dogs and cats will only find a home if they are shown to potential adopters at events such as PetsMart and Pet Supplies Plus.  Many of these animals find homes within just a few weeks.  You can really make a huge difference to a dog or cat that just needs a second chance.  Click here to fill out our application to foster.

This is a write up by one of our fosters, Jeanette. It was so well done that I wanted to publish it for everyone to see:

First off, if you're reading this, then somewhere in the back of your mind there may be a teensy glimmer of interest in fostering! If that's the case, keep reading, this article is for you. It is written by a former "I'll never have a dog again" person. A person that used to say, "I can't even take care of plants".

Now today, I'm a foster for Paws & Prayers. I did this after I realized that being a volunteer means there is no contract on your time. By fostering, you're simply expanding your capacity to love and care for your own family to include animals that wouldn't have otherwise experienced life in a loving home. You do as much as you can....WHEN you can. PLUS - it's something that you can do WITH your family.

First off, here are some myths that I can dispel about the fostering rescued animals:

1) You don't have to quit your job
2) You don't have to take in 10 animals at once (unless you want to).
One at a time is just fine...
3) Costs you nothing but your time

Here are some basics that I can share...

* You are screened by speaking w/ the president of P&P (including validation that your own pets are up to date on their vaccinations).

* Paws & Prayers averages 10-20 rescues per week from high-death pounds. They communicate w/ their foster network through group emails when these animals are coming. P&P will rescue both dogs and cats, and place them into the homes of willing foster volunteers as soon as possible.

* The founder of Paws & Prayers is very dedicated to the process of pulling animals from area pounds every week, which can be a heart wrenching experience. The number of animals depend largely upon the number of available foster homes, and the # of vacancies created from the prior week's adoptions.

* Upon pulling the animals, there is typically a fee (which P&P pays) to bring the animal out of the pound. These fees vary.

* Paws & Prayers will incur costs of veterinary care up to the point of adoption. Fosters transport the animals to/from the vet once they agree to foster. They also take them to adoption events whenever possible.

* At the vet, the animals undergo an initial exam, at which point the animal begin their series of vaccinations and necessary medications are administered. In some cases, very young animals are receiving their very first series of shots, with the next series scheduled. Fosters take the animals through the series until they are up to date, or adopted. Whichever happens first.

* Fosters will name the animals - my kids have fun with this part of the process.

* Fosters are provided with the supplies needed to care for the animal. You incur no costs, just your time. You can, however, choose to donate supplies if you want to contribute.

* Fosters will author the profiles that will be viewed on the web. You write a profile w/ your photos of the pet, you then upload all information onto a website which is then uploaded to sites such a PetFinder and AdoptAPet. (Be descriptive - this only helps the process). ---Kids love this part also!

* Fosters talk to applicants, you have a mentor that will help you to screen applicants until you have the hang of it. Applicants must agree to our standard policies prior to an application being approved. (See website for details on continuing veterinary care / spay & neuter policy / not transferring ownership without notification to P&P).

* As applicants inquire on the animals, you speak w/ them and answer their questions. Once there is interest, the applicant will complete an application, after you have approved the application with the help of P&P, you can arrange to meet the interested party at a neutral location for introductions. A Paws and Prayers representative will go with you until you feel okay meeting people on your own.

* Upon adoption, paperwork is finalized, the fee is collected, and the new family typically receives incentives and bonus coupons for area pet stores (Petco / Petsmart / Pet Supplies Plus) for working with Paws & Prayers. The foster passes the paperwork to P&P.

* Follow up: I like to follow up w/ the family several times to ensure things are running smoothly with their new addition to the family.

Any questions...feel free to ask!
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