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Paws and Prayers is always in need of additional foster homes. Fostering can be a flexible, fun, and rewarding opportunity. For those unable to make a lifetime commitment to a pet (military personnel, for example), temporarily providing their home to an animal in need fulfills a void for both the person and the pet. 

  • Foster care provides temporary homes for animals prior to adoption. Reasons for foster care include: 
  • As shelters become full, animals are euthanized. Foster homes save lives by providing animals with additional time in locating that perfect family. 
  • Some animals are more traumatized in a shelter environment, and need the quiet and stable loving care a foster home can provide. 
  • Newborn animals need additional care with Newborn animals need additional care with regards to being nursed or bottle-fed, and a foster home can provide this nurturing environment. 
  • Sick or injured animals need a clean, calm, Sick or injured animals need a clean, calm, comfortable place to recover prior to adoption. 
  • A foster home provides the socialization, interaction, and training (i.e. potty training) needed to make the animals more adoptable. Preparation time is provided to the animal by the foster parents to ensure the animal becomes more foster parents to ensure the animal becomes more secure and used to life in a house, while also learning people are kind and food is always available. All of this helps prepare the pet for a new life in a permanent home. 
Please consider your home a foster home for one of our animals! 

Where do these animals come from?

Paws and Prayers is very dedicated to the process of pulling animals (dogs and cats) from area pounds every week. The number of animals pulled will depend upon the number of available foster homes. At times, other rescue groups and/or members of the area communities reach out to Paws and Prayers for assistance with strays or families needing to re-home their pets due to unfortunate circumstances such as foreclosures, illness and more.

Are these animals vaccinated/healthy?

Paws and Prayers has a network of veterinarians dedicated to providing spay/neuter and medical care for the animals whenever needed. Animals are vaccinated the day we receive them, and we keep them up-to-date on vaccinations as long as they are in our care. As a precaution, however, we ask that you please ensure your own pets are up-to-date on their vaccinations, and that you keep your foster pets isolated from your own pets for at least the first few days to ensure there are no underlying health issues/concerns. Contact Paws and Prayers to schedule an appointment with a veterinarian immediately should any medical attention be needed for your foster pet.

What if I can only foster cats?

We understand some environments are not suited for certain animals. For example, some families are open to cats and dogs. Some wish to foster only cats. Dependent upon your situation and availability, Paws and Prayers will work with each foster family to ensure the most suitable match for each foster home.

Paws and Prayers will communicate via phone and/or email distribution to all parties within their foster network as the needs arise for placement of animals. Details will be provided, such as cat/dog, age, etc. At times, pictures can also be provided. It is each foster family’s discretion to choose the foster pet best suited for their current environment. 

What costs would I incur as a foster parent?

We only ask for your time. Paws and Prayers will provide all medical care and food until the animals are adopted.

How do you find homes for all of these animals?

Upon receiving the animals available for adoption, foster parents and/or members of Paws and Prayers will create a name for their foster pet, take pictures, create a description/profile and then post the foster pet up for adoption on our web portal. The foster pet is then displayed on websites including:,, Adoptapet, and Pets911. This provides a lot of exposure for adoption. Foster parents also need to either bring their foster pets to PetSmart events for showing, or make them available for someone else to bring to the event for them. We ask that you get them to two events a month. Many of the animals need the additional exposure to potential adopters that events can provide. Word of mouth has also proven effective, of course! Many animals find homes within just a few days – some take a few weeks.

Foster parents review applications submitted by potential adopters interested in their foster pets. They work with senior members of Paws and Prayers to decide whether or not the applicants are a match for their foster pet. The foster family plays a big role in choosing the family best suited for their foster pets. The foster parents can make contact with the interested parties via e-mail, phone and/or in person at a remote location (such as PetSmart). We don’t recommend allowing potential adopters to come to your home, it is better to meet at a PetSmart location. However, if the foster parents would prefer, Paws and Prayers can handle any of these steps for them as well.

How can I become a foster parent?

Click here to fill out our application to foster. We look forward to your joining our group and supporting our cause to save the animals! 

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