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pawprintMonthly Donations to Paws and Prayers
Every day Paws and Prayers spends money to help dogs and cats in need.  There are many things we do that are not covered by the adoption fee we charge for an animal.  For us to be able to continue to help we need to have donations to cover these expenses. 

  • Adoptions to veterans and first responders.  We give them 50% off the adoption fee. 
  • Spay and neuter dogs and cats for people that couldn't afford to through a spay/neuter program we have developed to help the Humane Society of Greater Akron
  • We always spay the dogs on site when we take a litter of puppies or kittens.  Sometimes this is just the mom, but many times it is also the dad and aunts and uncles too! 
  • Heartworm treatments for the dogs at Summit County Animal Control.  If we don’t pay to treat, they will be euthanized.  
  • Our largest expense by far though is animal medical.  This does not include the standard things we do like spay/neuter, wormer, shots.  These are the expenses that are above and beyond normal expense.  These are for things like:  antibiotics, fecals, dentals, heartworm treatment, parvo treatment, surgeries, blood work, x-rays, and skin issues.  The things that we may not know about when we pull a dog or cat, but once we get them we have to take care of before adoption.  The adoption fee is not expected to cover these expenses, so, we have to raise the money. 
Once you figure in all the different places we spend money to help the animals, you start to get a feel for why donations are needed.  We don’t need donations for the day to day stuff.  It is for the animals that come to us with a medical need.  It is not their fault.  How can we turn them away, typically for euthanasia, just because they need a dental?  Or they have mange?  Or heartworm?  These are all easily treatable conditions that they will 100% recover from and go on to lead happy healthy lives. With your help we can continue to do this. How can you help?  It is easy.  Give up your coffee once a month and donate the $5 to the Paws and Prayers Medical Fund.  Want to donate more?  OKAY!  It all goes to the medical fund and will be used to help the animals the need it most!

Ready to enroll for a monthly donation?  All recurring monthly donations are processed via PayPal and can be cancelled at any time through PayPal or by contacting Paws and Prayers.  No PayPal account is required.  Simply choose a donation level below, or enter any amount you choose in the box and click the "Subscribe" button.

$5 – Give up your coffee and help a homeless pet!
$25 – Provide food and flea/heartworm prevention for a dog or cat for a month!
$60 – Sponsor a Cat! We will pull a cat from a pound in risk of euthanasia.
$100 – Sponsor a Dog! We will pull a dog from a pound in risk of euthanasia .
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