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pawprintSurrendering an Animal

We are currently have a wait list for cats of anywhere from one week to 6 weeks. We do not accept feral cats. Please fill out a surrender application and our Cat Acquisition Manager will contact you within 48 hours.

Cat Surrender fees:
If you have found a stray cat, please refer to Help I found a stray dog section 

Adult Cats $25.00 per Cat
Pregnant Cat $50.00
Litter of Kittens 6 or less $15.00 per kitten 
Litter of Kittens 7 or more $100.00

If you need to re-home your cat and can foster it, you will not have to wait to put the cat into our program. You would need to be able to bring the cat to our Saturday events at least twice a month.  This will insure they get maximum exposure for adoption.  We will also list online.  If you cannot foster, and cannot wait, you can take to Summit County Animal Control. 

If your cat is  feral or semi-feral, please contact One of a Kind Pets at 330-865-6890 and ask about their TNR program.

Find a stray dog?  Please scroll to bottom of page to look at your options.

First of all, we ask that you visit, and consider if surrendering is truly what you need to do.


We are completely foster home based, we don't have a shelter.  We are not currently taking in owner surrender dogs due to the high volume of dogs at pound.  If you can foster your own dog until it finds a home, please fill out our surrender application and read the following information about our program.  To surrender a dog there is a surrender fee of $50 if your dog is spayed/neutered and $75 if it is not. You are in a sense "fostering" your own dog.  We list them on websites and you bring to events.  Many people looking to re-home their dogs have found this to work for them.  Your dog will have to be up to date medically, but we will help with those expenses, it is part of the surrender fee you pay.  If you are willing to give us a chance we will help you to find a home for your dog.

  1. We will list your dog on 2 national pet adoptions websites.
  2. You can bring your dog to any of our adoption events to show him/her to the public.
  3. We will screen all potential adopters to make sure that the new owners will take good care of your dog.
  4. We will make sure that your dog is spayed/neutered before they are adopted and that they get all appropriate shots.
  5. If we have a foster spot open, we can take your dog into foster, but until then, we ask that they remain in your care.
  6. We will come and meet your dog to screen him/her to make sure that they do not have behavioral issues that would make them dangerous to adopt.

We know this is a tough decision, wouldn't you feel better knowing that your dog was going to a good home?

If you would like us to help you place your dog please fill out the Surrender Application and make sure to upload some pictures.  One of our surrender team members will be in touch with you to confirm we have gotten the application and to help you make arrangements.  Please send questions to


We are a rescue located in Summit County.  We only can go by the rules of stray dogs found in Summit County.  If you have found a stray dog, we cannot take it.  We are a rescue, not a pound.  The pounds role in our community is to hold lost dogs so the owners can find them.  If you find a stray dog you should take it to the pound.  They are located at 250 Opportunity Parkway in Akron.  If you do not want to take the dog to the pound then you need to make a good faith effort to find the dogs owners.  Here are the steps we recommend taking:  

1.  Call Summit County Animal Control and report a found dog.  330-643-2845  Make sure to provide them with where you found him as not all people are going to describe a dog the same as you and normally dogs do not travel more than a few miles from home.


2.  Take the dog to your vet or a vet’s office to have them scan for a microchip.  Even if your dog is chipped you still need to have a license and you should still put an identification tag on him, although many people don’t.  So, just because there is not a tag, it does not mean there is not a microchip.


3.  Print fliers and hang them around your neighborhood, including gas stations, grocery stores, vet offices, any place people would see them.  Here is a good one to use…


4.  Place an ad in the Akron Beacon Journal, this is free..

     5.   Place an ad on Craig's List for free.

 If nobody has claimed the dog in 7 days and you have taken all of the necessary steps to find their owner, Paws and Prayers will then help you to find a new home for the dog.  At that point we consider the dog to be yours and the rules of surrendering a pet apply.

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